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Aung Soe & Ace Top (Myanmar Law Firm), Myanmar based, our Law Firm is the main branch of Aung Soe & Ace Top Company Limited. It was established in 23rd November 2000. Aung Soe & Ace Top (Myanmar Law Firm) is a medium size business and legislative law firm providing a full range of legal services to a wide range of Local and International Law Fields (Legal Industry). All our lawyers are Advocate and Solicitors of the Supreme Court of Myanmar. Some are retired from Supreme Court as a Supreme Court judges and Advisors.

They are also qualified in a multi-disciplinary legal practice and are dynamic, dedicated, knowledgeable, practical and committed to expeditiously meeting, the specific needs of each client without any compromise or integrity and quality. We emphasize quality legal services, personal attention and swift response to the client’s requirements. We introduce and knowledge share about Intellectual Property and other legal subject to new and fresh legal generations and interesting person in Myanmar. In a short span of seven years, our firm has managed to create a firm foot in the area of Intellectual Property and Company formation in worldwide. We maintain extensive global network link foreign Law firms, agencies and WIPO. Our offices are located in the commercial city of the Myanmar capital, Yangon.

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